Augsburger Knopffabrik

The Augsburger Knopffabrik is producer of buttons and accessoires since 70 years.

Pure nature + is trending

Sustainability is becoming more and more important.

We are all carrying the responsibility to care for the future of our planet.

At Augsburger Knopffabrik we take our responsibility for environmentally friendly production and products very seriously and we strongly believe in “quality over quantity”.

In practice this means to rely on durable and environmentally friendly materials. It also makes sense to us to pay attention to fair production and the processing of ecologically harmless ingredients.

When it comes to DESIGN traditional craftsmanship and production techniques are continued and maintained by us. We offer our customers the opportunity to purchase an individually manufactured product that is not mass-produced.

In terms of MATERIALS real buffalo horn is a sustainable and high-quality alternative to plastic buttons.

Rather than just throwing away our waste products, these wastes are naturally recycled, contributing to a recycling process and repeating life cycle. For example, horn shavings are used as a biological fertilizer for plant growing.

We grant a 100% natural raw material processing and sustainable production directly on site, without long transport and supply chains in the manufacture process of our buffalo horn buttons.

If sustainability is important to you, we are the right partner for you!

To our service ranges belongs :

  • Production of buttons and accessoires in natural materials, real buffalo horn, palm nut, stag horn

  • Mother of pearl buttons

  • Production of buttons and accessoires in horn imitation and high-quality polyester

Colour – our speciality – With the aid of a procedure that is unique on earth we can offer a very special and wide range of colour shades of real buffalo horn. Thus optimum adjusting of the colour of the button to your textiles is no problem.

Finish – From rough scrubbing to high polish, any surface has its own special character and expressiveness and is finished with utmost care by us .

Engraving – The use of laser technology offers engraving of very fine filigree letters and patterns up to a button size of 18″ .

Applique work – Metal settings and tops upon request provide the certain something for your textiles.