Augsburger Knopffabrik

The Augsburger Knopffabrik is producer of buttons and accessoires since 70 years.

To our service ranges belongs :

  • Production of buttons and accessoires in natural materials, real buffalo horn, palm nut, stag horn

  • Production of buttons and accessoires in horn imitation and high-quality polyester

Colour – our speciality – With the aid of a procedure that is unique on earth we can offer a very special and wide range of colour shades of real buffalo horn. Thus optimum adjusting of the colour of the button to your textiles is no problem.

Finish – From rough scrubbing to high polish, any surface has its own special character and expressiveness and is finished with utmost care by us .

Engraving – The use of laser technology offers engraving of very fine filigree letters and patterns up to a button size of 18″ .

Applique work – Metal settings and tops upon request provide the certain something for your textiles.