We have three product lines: CLASSIC, CASUAL and COUNTRY


You combine classic style and exquisite textiles – of course there is no way to compromise on small details. Real buffalo horn adjust completely to your sophisticated collection by its individualistic design.


You want to put highlights and to express comfort and smugness – no problem, we have the right thing to offer you : real buffalo horn has soft ,warm optics and forms perfect harmony with the character of your high quality textiles.


You do designs, inspired by the most varying regions on earth – we transform regional and local tradition in proper style for you.
The natural surface of real buffalo horn and traditional fashion style are perfect partners.

Special designs

Besides real buffalo horn, palm nut our range of products comprises buttons of buffalo horn imitation, plastics and metal. We manufacture clasps, zipper,toggles,
covers or fashion novelties for you and react promptly to your special requests .
We grant best quality , absolute precision of colour and reliable delivery.
The ratio of price and performance will satisfy you.